Buy Back Your Vote

Follow your money from corporations to politicians and take politics back from corporate influences

Top Spenders in 2011-2012

Company Expenditures

Adelson Clinic


Las Vegas Sands Corporation


Contran International


Perry Homes


Carlisle Capital Corporation


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What is Buy Back Your Vote?

Did you know that Coca-Cola leans Democratic, but Pepsi supports Republicans? Who would have thought that such a seemingly simple choice was actually so political?

Buy Back Your Vote helps you track where the money you spend every day ends up. Campaign contributions have skyrocketed, especially through complicated political organizations called political action committees. Now, companies can donate unlimited amounts to political causes, meaning that their role is likely to continue to increase. As voters and consumers, we must be informed and hold companies accountable for the political decisions they make. This tool helps us do that by letting you know what politicians and bills the companies you buy from support.

The iPhone app lets you do all of that, and it scans barcodes to make it even more convenient to find the political positions of companies you buy from.

Buy Back Your Vote was created by four college students interested in politics as a project for a computer science course.

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